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Beliefs & Superstitions

On 21st March, 1852 a divine light by the name of Baba Shri Amrit Nath ji appeared in Pilani, a small village in the Shekhawati Region of Rajasthan. Amrit Nath Ji incarnated in this country for the good of the people. His incarnation was a medium for relieving thousands of the people of their physical & mental agony and for the purification of their souls.

In the medieval period the rulers and authors presented yoga to the common man in extremely difficult way. The common people took it that the yoga was not for practicable, specially for a householder.

The holy sage carried out an intense research in the Yogic way and introduced the Sahaja Yoga, the straight, practical and easy way for all and sundry. The inquisitive Persons can do immense good to themselves with the help of Sahaja Yoga.

According to the Holy Sage, Revered Shri Amrit Nathji, no method will bring success or bear fruit, till the food culture is rectified and modified in accordance with his teachings. This is without any shade

Only during the last four years, when Baba Shri Amrit Nath Ji, remained confined to his seat, about 45,000 people were benefited for their physical & mental problem and for the spiritual upliftment. Poor people got rid of their destitution, childless women blessed to become mothers; people on the verge of dying, blessed with second lease of life and people inclined towards self-realization shown easy path to achieve their goal.