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Jhundi Mahayatra

Navnath Jhundi: According to conventions, the Navnath Jhundi began 9 lac and 103 years back along with the first journey on foot by 9 Naths and 84 Holy Men, because Parashuram kept his axe down on the ground after testing the divine incarnation of Lord Ram and went off to the forests to meditate. He started suffering from the guilt of making the earth devoid of Kshatriyas time and again. He wondered how to make amends for the huge number of human lives he had taken.

It was not correct to take human lives even after being gifted by God with the 4 arts. It was only Lord Shiva’s right and responsibility to destroy life. So, in order to get mental peace, Parashuram started traveling and seeking the blessings of sages, ascetics and saints. All the sages and saints suggested him to go to Guru Gorakshnathji. He was the only one who could provide a solution to this.

Parashuram reached Kaligarh Mountain in search of Gorakshnathji and found Him on the Anupan Rock. Parashuram expressed all his grief and pain bowing down at the feet of Guru Gorakshnathji. Gorakshnathji ordered Parashuram to extend his hands and put Patra Devta in his hands. Patra Devta remained there for moments. Parashuram could not even sense when Patra Devta came in his hand. Then Guru Gorakshnathji told him to go and meditate in such a place where no one has ever meditated before and such a land that he has not donated to anyone. Parashuram went and tried. Then he came back to Guru Gorakshnath and said that he had not found such a place where no one has meditated before. Guru Shri Gorakshnath asked him to go facing the south. He would get such a land there. But he should keep walking without turning around. Parashuramji went on walking and reached the sea-shore. Then he started thinking that Guru Gorakshnathji had asked him not to turn around, but there was the sea ahead. He thought that perhaps Guru Gorakshnathji had asked him to make amends by drowning in the sea. He started walking towards the sea, and the sea started retreating backwards. The sea retreated 24 miles, and such a land came up where no one had ever meditated before. Parashuram established Patra Devta there and started a rigorous meditation. Guru Gorakshnathji was satisfied with that meditation and appeared from Patra Devta physically. The mist that loomed there, which is called Manju in the Kannada language, disappeared. Parashuram saw Guru Gorakshnathji. Since then, Guru Gorakshnathji started being called Manjunathji. Guru Shri Gorakhnathji emerged from the light and blessed Parashuram by telling him that all his killings had been made amends for by his meditation. Parashuram happily bowed to Gorakhnathji. At that time the Kumbh festival was happening at Tryambakeshwar (Nasik). 9 Naths and 84 Holy Men reached Anupan Rock in the Kumbh seeking Gorakhnathji’s sight. There they did not find Guru Gorakhnathji. Then they came to know by their yogic powers that Guru Gorakshnathji was present at Parashuramji’s meditation site in order to bless him. The 9 Naths and the 84 Holy Gurus assembled to seek Guru Shri Gorakhnathji’s sight and reached from Tryambakeshwar to the place where Guru Shri Gorakhnathji had appeared as Manjunathji. Today, Mangalore is the place that exists in the name of Manjunath. After reaching there, everybody saw Guru Shri Gorakhnathji bowed at His feet. Guru Shri Gorakhnathji addressed Parashuramji and told him that his killings had been made amends for, but the earth will get rid of the sin of all those killings only if he touched the feet of the 9 Naths and the 84 Holy Men. Then Guru Shri Gorakhnathji addressed the 9 Naths and 84 Holy Men and told them that the Treta Yug was at its end and after it the Dwapar and KalYuga will come respectively with more sin spreading all across the world, and made them vow to come to that place walking at the end of every Sihasth, so that the world can get rid of the sins that have happened in the last 12 years and life can foster happily. Guru Gorakhnathji also said that He Himself would be present with them. Since then the “Jhundi” or group of 9 Naths and the 84 Holy Men have been undergoing this journey in every 12 years from the Sihasth Kumbh with the aspiration of getting the earth rid of sins. This journey is called the “Jhundi Yatra”.

After Guru Gorakhnathji called Guru Machchendranathji back and made Gopichandji immortal, Guru Machchendranathji showed his illusions by being present at three places at the same time. Establishing a kingdom in Sangaldip, meditating along with the 9 Naths and 84 Holy Men and keeping His body well protected in the cave, he showed his illusion by entering into a different person’s body. At that time the Sihasth Kumbh was about to begin. Being influenced by this incident, it was prayed to Machchendranathji that the group of 9 Naths and 84 Holy Men, according to their promise, would make their journey on foot from Sihasth Kumbh in order to free the earth from sins. Guru Gorakhnathji specially prayed to Him to lead the journey and told Him that not just Sinhaldwip, but He should also reign over the minds and bodies of the 9 Naths and 84 Holy Men and lead the journey as a king. Machchendranathji agreed the appeal and led the procession from the front as a king with Patra Devta in his hands. The honour of king started in Jhundi ever since then. This honour is conferred upon the kings of the 12 Panths turn by turn.